A Preview

Here is a preview of one of the testimonies submitted:

“One night at supper, as I sat at the table with my husband and three children, I looked at them and thought, Where did this lonely feeling come from?  When did I start feeling so unhappy?  How long have I felt this way?
Wasn’t having the family I wanted enough to make me happy?  All four of them needed me and loved me as I loved and needed them.  So what was my problem?  What got me thinking about these feelings, anyway?  Was it what the Brownie leader said when we were at the leaders’ meeting planning a banquet this morning?
“I just know they’re going to plan it for a Wednesday night!  And if they do, I’m not going because I don’t miss prayer meeting for anything!”
Wow, what a commitment! I thought.  That statement really stuck in my head!  She has to be the second person I’ve met in my life that seems to be a real Christian.  If there is a God, shouldn’t the people who believe in one be nice?  Shouldn’t they be next to perfect?”

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